Hey, I'm Nick Cummings, a human being from Portland, Oregon who loves creating interactive experiences that bring people together. Usually, that translates to video and analog games, but sometimes it gets a bit weirder than that. Lately, I’ve been spending most of my time developing virtual reality apps and web applications.

I'm also an avid writer, a meticulous editor, and a pretty-decent podcast producer, and most of that energy goes into exploring the strange relationship that games and culture share.

My career path has been twisty and unusual, taking me to places as diverse as Facebook, Squarespace, Nintendo, and Quora. Over the past decade, I've been a tool developer for support teams at several major tech companies, a full-stack web developer, a digital undertaker, a support content writer, a workflow-automation-algorithm creator, a eShop strategist/apologist, legal assistant, and—of course—a game developer.

Make games with Nick!

If you have freelance game-development work of any kind and you could use a deft hand, please reach out to Nick!  I'm great at a lot of things that are necessary for getting a game out the door in the best-possible condition, and I'm always looking for more opportunities to help other people make and deliver great things.

Some things I'm particularly strong at:

  • Production: prioritizing tasks; managing sprints; solving big problems; finding a way through or making one if none exists

  • Design: prototyping and structured testing; developing and integrating mechanics; massaging disparate systems until they click

  • Development: I've got five years of full-time software development experience under my belt, and I've been programming games for the last 21 years of my life; I’m strongest in full-stack modern JavaScript frameworks (React/Redux, Vue.js, etc.), Unity (C#), and Python, but I’m always eager to learn new tricks

  • Communication & Promotion: Social media management; blog posts and podcasting (editing, writing, production, hosting; seriously, I do it all); managing press lists and ginning up press releases at the drop of a hat

  • Build-breaking and bug-fixing: I'm great at determining the boundaries of player input possibility within a game and developing a thorough testing plan to dredge up all the weird stuff that can go wrong, and I do a great job of identifying repro steps (with detailed notes, stack traces, videos, and annotated screenshots as relevant). If you work in Unity, GameMaker Studio, or modern web technologies, good news: I've broken and fixed tons of stuff in those frameworks over the years

  • Art/Music Asset Creation/Manipulation: I'm not the strongest creative visual artist, but I'm very capable in Adobe Creative Suite and pretty handy with Blender and Wings3D. I've also been playing music my entire life, so if you need some help mixing or coming up with new music for a game, I can likely help

Photo by  Jayne Liu

Photo by Jayne Liu

About me: I've spent the last eight years in tech, working for companies like Facebook, Nintendo, Squarespace, and Quora. I'm recognized for my strategic problem-solving approach, my eagerness to learn new skills quickly, my empathy-driven design philosophy, and my ability to synthesize a completed, shipped product out of disparate parts. I work hard, I care a lot, and I'll do my damnedest to make you proud of your final product.

I've also been making games since I was ten years old. I love working across genre and medium, and I'm a huge fan of game jams—check out my portfolio at  and play some of my games at And of course, I've got a resume and a LinkedIn profile for your perusal.

If you'd like to chat, please reach out to or DM me on Twitter—I'm @nickcummings.  I look forward to talking with you soon!