Eight years ago — basically an eternity in Internet Time — I enrolled in J333 - Writing for Multimedia. Although I was a journalism major, the class didn't actually feed into my graduation requirements. I just took it for fun.

The class required each of us to create and update a blog throughout the term. So in February of 2007, I launched my first real blog. It was called "Will Write for GP," a name that falls somewhere between misguided and cringe-inducing.

Unlike my journalism career, that blog weathered the following eight years (and mercifully, at least one name change). I went through dry spells from time to time, but eventually I wound up writing nearly 200 posts on that blog, on topics ranging from media criticism — its original purpose — to personal challenges, thoughts on creativity, best-practices for getting stuff done, and just about anything else I could come up with. 

It wasn't a great blog, but it was mine, and I begrudgingly came to accept it into my life over time.

Today, I'm retiring that blog. It's a great relic of some of my more formative years, but it's also incredibly inconsistent to dig back through. Some posts are enduring gems, but there are just as many posts that veer dangerously close to LiveJournal Country. I don't want to bury the past, but I also don't want to be doomed to live in it.

So the old blog is done. It's safe, and I'll probably share the link again at some point. But now, finally, I have a chance to start over fresh.

I've been wanting to launch a game development-focused site for a long time, and I'm psyched to have an opportunity to start writing again. Some topics you could expect to see covered here include:

  • Learning how to be a better creator
  • Adjusting to "real" adulthood and stability
  • Trying to reconcile my love of games with the fact that I really don't enjoy playing them very much these days
  • Boring programming stuff

I'll do my best to categorize everything neatly so you don't get code jargon mixed up in your liberal-arts diatribes.

All right. Let's give this thing a shot.

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