I don't have any professional news or advice to share today. Instead, I've just got a brief request.

If it's been a struggle to go to bed on time and wake up early—
If you don't know when you'll get a chance to just sit still—
If you've been pushing yourself hard at your work lately—
If it's just not working out and it's all your fault—
If you're not present as often as you want—
If your bones ache and your eyes wince—
If you haven't read a book in weeks—

Leave it all behind.

Image from iOS.jpg

Go outside.
Watch the tree branches sway.
Befriend the dogs and cats you meet.
Bear witness to the evolving seasons.
Sit still and let your senses roam free, even just for a moment.
Touch the grass and the tree bark and the flowers and the leaves.

I could've done a lot more today. I could've made more stuff — committed more code, written more notes, designed more game content.

Instead, I did a lot less. And I haven't felt this fulfilled in weeks.