My friends Sarah and Ben, who I worked on Escape from Juggalo Mountain with, had some time off at the end of 2018. As it happened, so did I. So I said:

“Hey, why don’t we spend a day making a game and see how far we can get?”

So that’s how Day Off happened — and fittingly, it was made on a shared day off. It’s a game about choosing how to spend your precious few hours of free time at home, with no distractions and no outside stressors. We’d all had a pretty draining year, and it was nice to design a simple, clean game about taking care of yourself.

It was also a fun opportunity to see how my Unity skills had grown since moving into a full-time Unity developer role at my new job. I managed to crank out systems for movement, dialogue display, and even time progression pretty quickly. Meanwhile, Sarah proposed the concept, developed the visual language, and drew up a lovely environment for our protagonist to chill out in. And Ben had the opportunity to flex his writer and design muscles by helping develop some clever systems for displaying dialog for each activity and helping fine-tune the feeling of moving around this small, cozy space.

We’d still like to wrap this game up with a system where time progresses and your stress/contentment are measured and modified by your choices. It won’t take long, but, well, we’re just waiting for another day off. :)