Do you like reading AchewoodBecause boy, I sure do. Chris Onstad's hybrid comic strip/blog collection/chapbook compendium/bespoke painting collection, now nearly 20 years old, is an absolute fixture in the webcomics space. It's also probably the single-most personally influential thing I've read on the internet, and believe me: I've read some weird stuff in my time.

Every few years I love to dip back into the archives and reread some of my favorite story arcs. But as computers continued to evolve, Achewood's web design remained the same, and suddenly those handy back/forward buttons are miniscule and frustrating to use.

Golden Tabloid, named for a strain of medicinal somethin'-or-other that Roast Beef clicks with, is meant to ease the peripheral stresses of enjoying one of the best pieces of literature on the internet. It's a lightweight browser extension that binds a few helpful keyboard shortcuts to the site:

  • Left/right arrows, or j/k keys: Previous/next comic
  • A key: Show the comic's alt text (saves you the trouble of hovering your mouse)
  • R key: Loads a random comic

You can check out the source code on GitHub, or feel free to install it yourself for free from the Chrome and Firefox stores.