Silicon Sasquatch: The First Year or So

Release date: November 2010
Tools used: InDesign, Blurb (for printing and shipping)

A long, long time ago — in the dead of winter, during Bush Jr.'s lame-duck period — a new blog was born. Silicon Sasquatch was the brainchild of myself and one of my friends and fellow Journalism majors.

Facing some not-so-great job prospects in our chosen field, we decided to spend our spare time doing what we could to build our writing and editing chops and to get our names out there. And for seven years, Silicon Sasquatch served as a vessel for just that — an outlet for a rag-tag group of wannabe games journalists.

A few years into the project, it was clear that we were getting much better at the craft and logistics behind writing for a publication, but we weren't any closer to making a living at it. Fearing we'd disband soon, I wanted a memento or keepsake for the thousands of hours we'd invested into this pet project — and I wanted to help anyone else who might decide to set out on this path. That's where the book came in.

From a design perspective, I decided to prioritize readability, since this is a collection of written articles. I chose Adobe Garamond Pro for the body typeface, with titles and callouts in the sans-serif Myriad Pro. Along with the footer-area commentary sections and pull quotes, the result is a hybrid magazine/textbook design that I think works well for the subject matter.

With 280 pages of our best (and worst) articles on display, each accompanied with commentary from the author, this book is both an anthology and a teaching tool. It even wound up being featured on an upper-level Journalism course syllabus at our alma mater, the University of Oregon.

We decided to cease publication more than four years later, in early 2015, but the book remains.